Our Purpose

New Era Electric, driving innovation in electrical and renewable installations


New Era Electric is built on our dedication to safety, quality production, superior products, innovation, and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. Our priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity, exceptional project execution, and unparalleled service.


Leading the evolution of electrical technologies and promoting sustainability for the new era.


Respecting employees and partners through honesty and accountability.


Setting the new standard of quality by delivering dependable craftsmanship.


Providing a safe and positive work environment for our family and partners.


Constantly dedicated to excellence in customer service and the development of our community.


Innovative and Trustworthy Electric Partners

Our team is trained to design within space constraints and make the best use of available real estate. New Era Electric utilizes a 3rd party safety program that performs routine job site audits to identify safety concerns and conditions. Job site audits are then documented and maintained by New Era Electric. Our management teams regularly conduct safety meetings to review job site safety, incidents, disciplinary actions and perform additional training. Safety excellence is the foundation of New Era. With an already stellar safety program, we are committed to continuously research and implement industry-driven safety and process improvements.